OFFTAS profile


Manpower services

Offtas is specialized in the Manpower supply to different sectors such as:

Oil and Gas Industries.

Petrochemical Industries.

Power Generation

Steel Industries.

Water Desalination.

Cement Industries.

Material handling services.

IT services

Some of Jobs HAD BEEN Performed by OFFTAS

  • Complete design and assembling of DFC (Dynamic Flow Computers) for SAUDI ARAMCO water injection wells. More than 200 of Solar Micro MV units have been installed in the field.

  • Closely work with Dynamic Fluid Measurement to enhance the software to suit ARAMCO application. Also enhance the software to perform Injectivity Index test (II test).

  • Conduct application, operation and maintenance training sessions to SAUDI ARAMCO engineers, operation and maintenance technicians.

  • Provide services to KJO (Khafji Joint Operations) for Solar Micro MV on pipeline and water injection wells. Also, design assembling Solar E-Chart units.

  • Conduct training session to Sui Gas in Pakistan.

  • Provide the spare parts requirements and prepare the defective units.

  • Provide Preventive Maintenance program to SAUDI ARAMCO

  • Provide consultation to Abdullah Hashim Group (AHG) for Oxygen application in custody measurements and control.

  • Provide application upgrade to Saudi Electric Company (SCECO) in Jouf power plant.

  • Configure and commission the flow meter designed for Marafiq (Power and Water Utility Company in Jubail and Yanbu) which was designed to measure the volume of pumped gas from Aramco Perri Plant to Marafiq in Jubail.

  • Supervise commissioning and configuration of an ELITE - Flow Computer for Daleel Petroleum Company / Oman.

  • Supply skilled candidates to potential costumer in Saudi Araibia