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OFFTAS is authorized Sales & Services & agent of Dynamic Flow Computers, Inc. /USA

It has over 20 years of experience in the low computer manufacturing and design. Dynamic flow computers are designed to operate in various fields such as petrochemical and refining, wellhead, liquid pipeline and storage, and gas pipeline and gathering. Our products are also compatible with orifice, Venturi, V-Cone, Wedge, ultrasonic, PD Meter, flow nozzle and turbine meters.

OFFTAS supplies Dynamic Flow Computer Units with complete services i.e. Installation, Configuration, Calibration, Commissioning of the System and Supply of Spare Parts.

Dynamic Flows Computers
Applications Products Standards
Well Head Measurement Natural Gas API
Custody Measurement Steam ISO
Compressor Stations Industrial Gases AGA 8
Field Mounted Trending Crude NBS
Refined Product IUPAC