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Process Automation Services

Through an unparalleled combination of industry talent and experience, deep process knowledge, project execution excellence and best-in-class technologies ... we enable our clients to unlock the true potential of their operations by creating smart digital plants using PlantWeb® technologies.

Offtas. Consider it Solved. An expectation that our people and solutions have come to be identified with.

Whether starting up a new fast-track life sciences facility years earlier than normal or performing a critical hot cutover for a digital plant transformation at one of the worlds largest refineries, Offtas delivers.

Offtas Process Management is a leading, global, single source of process automation technologies, expertise, and services. We help customers optimize their processes and plants to achieve higher quality, greater reliability and faster time to market, while steadily advancing productivity and profitability. We can build it -- providing experienced consulting, project management, engineering and a single point of accountability for the entire process automation scope. We can connect it -- seamlessly integrating people and technology at every level of the process. We can improve it -- creating more efficient utilization of energy and raw materials. And we can sustain it -- producing greater reliability, month after month, year after year. From the field, to the plant, to the bottom line -- where performance is the question, Offtas is the answer.